Friday, March 28, 2014

Latte and a 3D print please!

The first FabCafé in Barcelona opened on Thursday, allowing customers to print out their design on a 3D printer, while enjoying a coffee.

Cecilia Tham, FabCafe director and founder, says, "The idea is to start associating these digital fabrication tools - laser cutter, 3D printers, these types of tools with an everyday environment, such as a coffee shop."

Lixpen - draw in 3D!

The 3D printing pen has the similar function as of 3D printers: it melts and cools colored plastic, letting you create rigid and freestanding structures. Claimed to be the world's smallest pen, the Lixpen is lightweight and easy to hold. It has a aluminium body and supports major materials in 3D printers today: ABS and PLA filament. Two buttons are provided that control the speed of the extruded plastic.

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3D Printing filament goes green!

The new filament has several environmental, and functional benefits over a typical PLA filament. First off, it is made from a renewable resource, soy beans, which drive a large part of the Indiana economy, instead of petroleum based materials. Secondly, the new Filasoy filament has a much lower melting point, than that of traditional filament, meaning it requires less energy to 3d print an object. The soy based filament also reduces brittleness within printed objects, while maintaining all of the good qualities of traditional PLA filaments. Lastly, soy is known for its anti-microbia properties, meaning that it is great for printing out toys for children, or objects which will come in contact with many germs.

Video for FilaSoy

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Solar Sinter - 3D printing by sun power!

Solar Sinter is made up of seven stations: a photovoltaic panel, the focal point which draws the sun's rays on the melting sand, a sun tracker, fresnel lens (for magnifying the rays), a battery, controlling electronics, and a small, reflective, silver tent dubbed the "office".

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 Markus Kayser - Solar Sinter Project 

Netflix acquires 3D Printing Documentary

"Netflix announced today that it has acquired exclusive rights to "Print The Legend," a documentary about the nascent American 3D printing industry that premiered at SXSW this month.
Video of the filmmakers accepting the award

3D Printed Violin!

"The F-F-Fiddle is an FFF (fused filament fabrication) full size 3D printable electric violin that can be produced using any desktop 3D printer."

"Mechanical Engineer David Perry from Portland, Oregon started the project with his friend and industrial designer Dan Nicholson, after visiting a New York Maker Faire. He purchased a 3D Printer and set out to try and make function objects on a home 3D printer, hoping to inspire others and to show what is possible with inexpensive 3D printers."
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And he's offering the design to everyone - free!

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Foodini - 3D Food Printer

Heads up Star Trek and Jetson's fans, we just moved one step closer to the future!

"Barcelona start-up Natural Machines has just launched its new invention: Foodini, a prototype 3D printer that can produce a range of foodstuffs on Kickstarter. Although it is not going to print out whatever you desire, Foodini is able to print savory or sweet cuisine, for example a perfectly-round pizza dough, and put on an even layer of sauce too. It is capable of printing a wide range of real, fresh, nutritious foods, including pastas (ravioli, gnocchi, spaghetti, ...), burgers (veggie and meat), chicken nuggets (and chickpea nuggets as a vegetarian alternative), quiche, pizza, "designer" fish & chips, hash browns, cookies, crackers, brownies, chocolate, etc."

"Foodini comes with empty food capsules, meaning the consumer prepares and places fresh ingredients in Foodini. All you need to do is load the ingredients into Foodini's food capsules, and then watch different ingredients to be built up in layers following selection of a design on the device's control panel. with room for up to 5 food capsules, consumers don't have to manually change out the food capsules for different ingredients when printing. Foodini will let you pick from a number of pre-tested recipes or even build your own."

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