Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Stalactite foldable DLP 3D printer

Barcelona based Startup Stalactite is seeking a reasonable of €50,000 funding on indiegogo. For €1,850 (only 5 available) or €1,999 (Early Bird special) you get a fully assembled 3D printer based on SLA technology. Stalactite 102 is a compact, foldable device allowing anyone to turn their ideas to physical items. It comes with proprietary software with fast slicing and automatic supports and patent pending decoupled dual peeling system.

Come visit us at the Denver Maker Faire - May 3-4 2014!

Friday, April 18, 2014

3D design contest - Win a 3D printer!

BeeVeryCreative, the first Portuguese 3D printer manufacturer, is launching a worldwide 3D modelling challenge called "3D Print World Challenge – 3D modelling awesomeness for everyone, everywhere". It's a contest that challenges the users' creativity specially the ones connected to design and 3D modelling.

Entrants must create a 3D printable model in STL format, which falls in any of the following categories:
  • Architecture
  • Design (fashion, jewellery, decoration, art)
  • Utilities (gadgets, household and office devices, games)
Your 3D model will be test printed on one of the BEETHEFIRST 3D printers and if it successfully passes this print test it will enter the challenge.
The challenge is open to everyone, and will run from April 17th until June 17th, 2014 at 11:59 pm (GMT). You can submit as many entries as you'd like.
Entries will be judged by representatives from BeeVeryCreative, 3D Print Show, 3D Artist and Moda Lisboa | Lisbon Fashion Week, based on creativity, feasibility in 3D printing on BEETHEFIRST and awesomeness.
The 3 top winners (one per category) will each receive a BEETHEFIRST 3D Printer + 8 Spools of filament (different colours). The 3 most voted models (one per category) on BeeVeryCreative's Facebook page will receive a 3D printed personalized trophy.

Electric guitar pickup made with a 3D printer!

3D printing makes it possible to manufacture 'impossible' shapes, so it is not a surprise that 3D printing has made its way to musical instruments.
Polish maker "Rob" Klaczynski, the creator of notorious "pills bisector", together with his friend, guitarist Martin Kubacki has used 3D printing to create a guitar pickup.
Video about the project:

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

3D-printed houses in Shanghai, built in 24 hours

In a first, a Chinese company has advanced the science of 3D printing by printing 10 houses entirely out of recycled materials, in just under a day.

Tinkerine Ditto Pro 3D printer

The Ditto Pro features a sleek Open C frame crafted out of uni-piece aluminum composite shell. It boosts a 225 x 165 x 205 cm (8.9 x 6.5 x 8.1 in) build volume and 50-300 microns resolution.
The Ditto Pro can print one color at a time and works with PLA filament. It also sports quick-swap extruder nozzle with auto temperature adjustment for consistent printing and minimal downtime. The removable glass build platform is designed for better adhesion. The quick release system allows you to access and remove printed object easily.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Singapore company launches a Kickstarter campaign for their new 3D printer, Amaker.

The team says the printer is equipped with next generation controller boards and dual ARM 32 bit processors. The printer has a sleek design and aluminum structure. It features integrated threaded lead screw stepper motors for precise motion control.

"Designed with users' experience in mind, we've added a full color touch screen LCD to allow easy control of the entire printer," says Shufen Yeo, Amaker3D's co-founder. "Various printer actions have been coded into selectable utilities for easy activation via LCD. Amaker 3D printer empowers users to print in multi colors. Users can easily switch colors anytime during the printing process."

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

High speed, high resolution DLP 3D printer Titan 1

Inspired by an article "A third industrial revolution" from "The Economist" magazine, Tedd Syao started Kudo3D in 2012 aiming to make a perfect tool for anybody interested to explore the potential of 3D printer.
Kudo3D's first product is Titan 1, an easy to use and upgradable desktop DLP Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Printer. DLP Projector based printers have been gaining in popularity in the last few years. The projector shines on the surface of a liquid plastic resin that hardens when exposed to a certain wavelength of light. The light draws and hardens a layer at a time until the entire model is built.

Z Morph 3D printer

After the success at CeBIT 2014 in Hanover, ZMorph3D, a Polish manufacturer of 3D printers and software, announced plans to raise cash through a public stock offering. The company said it plans to use proceeds from the offering to increase production capacity.

The website:

Friday, April 4, 2014

Germany's VoxelJet opens factory in US!

German 3D printing company Voxeljet will locate its first U.S. facility in Michigan, Gov. Rick Snyder announced this week as he and his delegation completed their third day of his 2014 Europe mission.

Italian artist uses 3D printing to help restore coral reefs

An Italian engineer has gone from playing with sand to printing with it. Enrico Dini hopes to re-shape the world for the better by replicating natural objects with the D-Shape - one of the world's largest 3D printers.

His website

Dini spent his childhood playing with sand. Now many years later, the Italian inventor is using it to create large-scale replicas of reefs.
In the last few years, Dini has been perfecting a technique for moulding lifelike coral reefs from sand using his massive D-Shape 3D printer. He and his team have been dredging sand and sludge from the seabed along the coast, drying it in the sun, ticking it through D-Shape and printing the reefs one layer at a time using a mixture of sand and a seawater-based binder. Once this has been done, it's placed back in the seabed from whence it came to protect the coast.
Dini said 3D printing allows him to create things which is almost impossible to make by hand. The idea is to mine the seabed and take the binders and sand from the exact same spot where the 3D printed object will be placed.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

General Electric on 3D printing: 'We are on the verge of the next industrial revolution'

NEW YORK — It's not every day you get a 20-year-old Indonesian student outsmarting some of General Electric's greatest minds and designers. 
According to GE's general manager for technology Christine Furstoss, the unnamed student helped General Electric save considerable sums of money in development and manufacturing costs by designing a critical aircraft part that was 83 percent lighter and yet still met the safety and design criteria.

And that's all thanks to 3D printing. While it may be today's buzzword, in reality it's just a fraction of the overall manufacturing process — and General Electric wants to lead the way.
But it can only do that by embracing change and its desire to learn. 
Furstoss told attendees at the Inside 3D Printing conference in New York on Thursday that the "maker movement" is revolutionizing how the traditional manufacturers look at their own design and building process — showing everyone how anything can be developed and built in a fraction of the time.

3D Systems CEO touts '3D Printing 2.0'

NEW YORK — The 3D printing industry is entering version 2.0, which will tranform and localize manufacturing, according to Avi Reichental, president and CEO of 3D Systems, who gave the keynote address at the second annual Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo in New York City on Thursday. 

"What we mean by 3D printing 2.0 is the complete imagination of the desktop and democratization of desktop prototyping, and the beginning of real mass manufacturing," he said. "And here I am talking about making tens of thousands of units a day using sophisticated and mutliple materials. The third leg is cloud sourcing--platform capabilities." 
3D Systems introduced its 3D Printing 2.0 capabilities, which are specifically designed for engineers' desktops and the production floor in manufacturing. It increases reliability, performance, material utilization, and sustainability, said Reichental.

Another 3d printing innovation in ceramics!
Studio Under, a design and research studio based in Israel, claimed that they have built the largest ceramic 3D printer ever made.
Founded in 2012 by Eran Gal-Or, Liat Akerman and Omer Merzel, Holon Institute of Technology grads, Studio Under focus on designing and printing ceramic products and selling them world-wide. In 2013, the studio unveiled colored ceramic 3D printing, a printing process that enables affordable multiple-color prints.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

German company launches biodegradable filament designed for 3D printing.

Two Bears website

twoBEars develops and sells only products, produced by sustainable processes. We and our business are focused on the benefit for humans AND environment.

New consumer 3D printer for $700 USD!

XYZ Website

XYZprinting's da Vinci 2.0 Duo 3D printer will have several major changes from its predecessor. The device sports a dual extrusion head which allows it to print PVA along with the main printing material, or print in two colors at the same time. It prints ABS and PLA, has a printer bed that can handle objects with dimensions of up to 150 x 200 x 200 mm (5.9 x 7.8 x 7.8 inch).

Photo shows the da Vinci 1.0 ($500 USD)

3D printed houses appear in Shanghai

Back in 2011, University of Southern California Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis said new technology will soon allow massive 3D printers to build entire multi-level houses in under a day.
A group of 3D printed houses, 200 m2 each, recently appears in Shanghai, China. These building were created entirely out of concrete using a gigantic 3D printer, and each costs only 30,000 RMB ($4,800).