Thursday, July 31, 2014

Minnesota man prints 3D castle in concrete

Minnesota man, named Andrey Rudenko has been working on a 3D printer capable of printing in concrete.
Rudenko had a goal of 3D printing his full sized house sometime this summer, and although that still appears to be possible, he is a bit behind in the process. “Had to deal with a lot of different small problems,” Rudenko told us last month. “Now just started printing the small castle.”
The ability to print a smaller building would be able to provide him with enough confidence to advance onto the 3D printing of his house.  He hopes that he will learn from and make improvement upon the entire process, while 3D printing his small castle.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Swedish company launches fume free 3D printer

The new ZYYX 3D printer features an enclosed build chamber with an active carbon filter system. The enclosure not only maintains temperature stability and helps improving final print quality, it also creates a slight pressure difference with the help of a low speed fan. The filter system removes gases emission from ABS and polyamide (nylon) processing.

One problem with current 3D printers is the poor adhesion of the first layer of the print, resulting in frequent print failures. The ZYYX 3D Printer has an auto-leveling probe on the printhead, which allows the printer to measure the build plate, calculate its flatness and orientation in space, and compensate for any tilt in real time. The key to this active build plate calibration system is a reliable, simple probe design with only a single moving part. This probe is calibrated individually on every printer before delivery.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

3D printed bionic prosthetic hand

This revolutionary design is based on material deformation  through geometric control of the structure. 
Italian startup Youbionic has recently unveiled their latest project, a 3D-printed bionic prosthetic hand. "The goal is to create a hand at a cost much lower than those commerical products today, which cost about 20 thousand Euro." says their designer, Federico Ciccarese.
The whole hand is 3D printed in nylon using selective laser sintering, but Ciccarese said the team is now working on creating the hand using FDM 3D printers.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

NASA 3D prints Eta Carinae Nebula

Researchers at NASA have not only successfully map the entire Eta Carinae Homunculus Nebula for the first time, but also developed a 3D model of the expanding cloud produced by it during its 19th century outburst.

"Now anyone with access to a 3-D printer can produce their own version of this incredible object," said Goddard astrophysicist Theodore Gull. "While 3-D-printed models will make a terrific visualization tool for anyone interested in astronomy, I see them as particularly valuable for the blind, who now will be able to compare embossed astronomical images with a scientifically accurate representation of the real thing."

Marcel Duchamp's chess set from 1918

In 1918 Artist, sculptor and chess enthusiast Marcel Duchamp designed and hand-carved a chess set in Buenos Aires. Marcel Duchamp has created two chess sets in his life: his 1943 Pocket Chess Set was released as a limited edition, but his 1918 set, is owned by a private collector and since then, unseen by the public.

But now, thanks to 3D printing, artists and makers Scott Kildall and Bryan Cera, teamed up to recreate the tabletop chess set using an archival photograph of Marcel Duchamp's own custom and hand-carved game. By running a series of geometry-extrapolating algorithms on the photograph, Cera were able to get an accurate model of the knight, the hardest to model. Cera then sent the finished 3D CAD files over to Kildall who printed out the first set of prototypes using an Objet 3D printers.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Color Pyramid Room

Created with Cinema 4D - Four visible colored balls of light - Red, Green, Blue and Yellow - are aligned with the four sides of the small pyramid, equidistant and centered on the tip. the room is pyramid shaped with a square base, and a sandstone texture. All the white light in these renders arrises from the four lights combining!