Wednesday, August 20, 2014

3d printed electric guitars for $2500

London-based company Customuse plans to launch a platform for everyday electric guitar players to build custom 3D printed guitars to their exact specifications.

New printer makes large scale ceramic 3D prints

 Dutch artist Olivier van Herpt has spent the last two years working on 3D printer and 3D printing process that could make large and medium scale functional 3D printed ceramics.
van Herpt's interest in 3D printing ceramics was guided by the possibilities and limitations of the technology. The desktop 3D printers allow people to make products that they'd otherwise be unable to make using traditional manufacturing methods. The technology is precise, repeatable and quick. But for van Herpt, these advantages could sometimes mean "cold, clinical, without feeling, an absence of humanity to some extent." In addition, van Herpt found that the size of desktop 3D printers often limits you to create large and medium scale functional design objects such as bowls, plates & decorative objects.