Ancient ArtyFacts

These works are the result of original designs in 3D which were then fabricated on a 3D printer and taken through a mold making process before final hand fabrication and finishing.

Handcrafted to look like they were found in an ancient temple by intrepid explorers, these charming original designs are faithful to the sacred geometry, and mathematical ratios of the artifacts they represent.

Below are some of the most recent designs that are available.

Info for ordering candles:

Giza Pyramid candles
Palm wax - made from 100%
post-consumer re-cycled materials.

Sandstone - Quartz embedded sculptures:

Pyramid Keeper - $55.00
Size (90mm x 65mm)
Pyramid Keeper detail

Pyramid keepers top and bottom

Scarab Keeper - $34.00
Size (75mm x 15mm)
Scarab Keeper detail

Scarab Keepers top and bottom

Winged Disk - $21.00
Size (144mm x 5mm)
Winged Disk detail

More views of the scarab and pyramid keepers